Who are we

Ngena Nursery specializes in the production of succulent plants, both indigenous and exotic. Magda Sauer has been collecting interesting plants for 40 years. She has a passion for succulent plants. Ngena nursery is the fruit of this hobby, which over the years has become a wholesale business. The nursery has something of everything, for any enthusiast and even for the serious plant collector. There will always be something new to discover in our nursery. We supply plants to nurseries, landscapers and grow on demand and contract, for clients that need certain quantities of plants. Our mission is always to supply something new and original to the market. We also designed miniature rock gardens and our so-called "living walls" of succulents. John Sauer also do design and landscaping in the Gauteng area. With the change in weather patterns, and water becoming increasingly scarce, people will have to start thinking differently as they plan and lay out their gardens. Succulents are not just a sustainable solution, but with the variety of succulents that are currently available, a well-planned succulent garden can compete with any other garden.


‘Sustainable Beauty‘

designed by John Sauer of Ngena Succulents And now for something much more colourful. John likes to have some fun with these really adaptable plants – I love the flying geese and the cows on the wall! Featured plants include barrel cactus, Aeonium ‘Starburst’, Ebracteola wilmaniae and Echeveria ‘Mauna Loa’.


Top Billing

designed by John Sauer of Ngena Succulents A first for the show was a demonstration by John Sauer on how Aloes, succulents and grasses compliment a modern contemporary lifestyle. Terry Moller-Welsh along with her business partner and daughter Tasha Tollman, run DIY designer courses aimed at homeowners who want to redesign their gardens. The Garden Design Show also features the 2017 Award Winning Kirstenbosch–SA Chelsea Exhibit from London and will run until Sunday 3 September 2017 so make sure you pop in for a visit.

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